About Conduct Law

Conduct Law is a corporate/commercial law firm delivering legal services to entrepreneurs, businesses, business owners and their families across Canada, the United States and South East Asia.


Conduct Law was founded on the premise that the delivery of legal services needs to evolve to match the pace, style and versatility by which modern day business operates.


Our clients and their owners and managers create value, licence technologies, invent products, hire and fire employees, negotiate and sign contracts, buy and sell assets, pay taxes, and deal with a myriad of business issues each and every day.


When companies need help with or don’t understand the legal issues or risks they face, we are prepared to assist.   If a company does not have the resources to hire a full time lawyer, Conduct Law can act as general outside or virtual counsel available for advice on an as needed basis.


We have created cutting edge systems to deliver effective and efficient legal services whenever you need them wherever you are located in Canada.

*Please note that nothing on this site is a replacement for legal advice. Contact us if you’ve got a specific issue you think we can help with.

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