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Business Owner Trademark Rights

A business owner holds her product in a food store

With a registered trademark, business owners acquire rights under the Canadian Trademarks Act and ensure that they are not left with the challenge of protecting an unregistered trademark.  It is with this protection that registered trademark owners can sue for trademark infringement as trademark registration is proof that they own that trademark.   Just as importantly, registration gives ten years…

Business Naming, Branding and Trademarking

A branding flow-chart

Naming, Branding, and Trademarking your business in Ontario is an important step in establishing your brand. Once you have found the perfect business name, you will want to protect it. In Ontario, sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations may carry on business under a name other than the corporation’s legal name. If you do, then you must register under…

An Estate Freeze and Your Family Trust

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An Estate Freeze and your Family Trust are two very powerful tax planning tools.  If you’re smart about your tax planning you won’t pay a dime of tax on any growth of your assets after you turn a certain age if you undertake an estate freeze at the appropriate time. An estate freeze is the process of taking…