Building solid foundations for business owners and their families

At Conduct Law we pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable and effective legal counsel to address your needs as they emerge within your business or personal life. Simply put, we combine business and law in a manner that works better for you, your business, and your family.

Create a Business

We help you determine the best way to structure your business right from the beginning.

Our clients are attracted to our fixed rate incorporation services and rely upon our astute business advice.

Learn how we can help get your business off the ground and help build a solid foundation upon which you can successfully grow your business.

Build and Sell a Business

If your goal is to grow and sell your business we can provide solid knowledge and advice about how to achieve that goal.


We assist our clients in running and managing their businesses from startup, to buildup, to succession or exit depending on client goals and aspirations.

Trusts and Estate Planning

We will ensure all of your family trust and estate planning needs are met.

If you are looking to implement a family trust, create a holding corporation, or merge or acquire a business, we can help.

From Corporate Wills to Family Trusts, our experience tells us that the best way to plan for your success is to plan for your future.

Secured Investing

We work with our clients as they build and expand their corporate, real estate and investment portfolios.

We can close a private financing, lend securely, or structure another suitable investment vehicle based on your individual needs.

If your goal is to grow your asset base for the future, we help protect your investments along the way.

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