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How do I calculate Land Transfer Tax?

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When buying real estate in Ontario, our clients often ask “how do I calculate land transfer tax?” Buying land or an interest in land in Ontario will likely require the payment of Land Transfer Tax.  For the purposes of LTT, any buildings, buildings to be constructed, and fixtures (such as light fixtures, built-in appliances and cabinetry) will…

Commercial Real Estate and Liens

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Some of our clients in the construction or services industry are all to familiar with the impact of liens in commercial real estate matters.  Essentially, there are two ways to file a lien. If there is an outstanding debt, we can sue the debtor within two years from the date the debt became outstanding. After an action is commenced…

An Estate Freeze and Your Family Trust

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An Estate Freeze and your Family Trust are two very powerful tax planning tools.  If you’re smart about your tax planning you won’t pay a dime of tax on any growth of your assets after you turn a certain age if you undertake an estate freeze at the appropriate time. An estate freeze is the process of taking…