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Planning your affairs in the best of times is not an easy task without qualified trusted advisors. Planning when you’re indisposed or no longer here is obviously even more challenging. We work with our clients to ensure their affairs are in order for their peace of mind and that of their loved ones.

We will also work with you to ensure you understand if there are any differences between what you want, and what current law supports. At ConductLaw, we work with you to understand your life and business, and help you make practical plans that can stand the test of law. Whether it’s minimizing estate taxes, making inter-vivos dispositions, or creating the right framework for personal attorneys, we’ve got you and your family covered.

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Here are some things we can help with:

Wills and powers of attorney
Tax planning and family trusts
Estate freezes
Survivorship Applications
Business and corporate Wills
Reorganizing a business
Estate Administration
Business Succession Planning


A valid Will instructs your personal representatives at death on how to dispose of your assets. If you die without a Will, then someone must be appointed to act as the administrator of your estate and your assets are disposed of according to laws that likely will not satisfy your unique preferences.

There are many important considerations to make when contemplating your Will. Is it better to dispose of assets now or at death? Who are your dependants, ie., people you are legally obligated to provide for? Your married spouse is entitled to choose between any gift you leave and equalization under the Family Law Act.

A solid Will can be a complicated document but is an integral part of your estate plan. Before working with a lawyer, you should itemize your assets, liabilities, and insurance coverage, to understand what you need to deal with. Our team is happy to answer any specific questions you may have about Wills.

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We’ve helped many clients achieve their goals and leave a lasting legacy. We can take you through the options that are just right for you and your family. Feel free to contact the Legal Professionals at ConductLaw to get started today.

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Powers of Attorney

Planning ahead is always a good idea. Many of our clients are older business owners with varied interests. Designating someone you trust to act in your place when you are not able to is always a good idea. If you do not plan for this and were ever to become incapable, the courts could impose someone else to manage your affairs.

There are two types of attorneys—one for your property, and one for your person. These attorneys have fiduciary responsibilities so must be able to account, act with reasonable care, and not conflict with your wishes.

Estate Administration
Continuing Power of Attorney for Property
Power of Attorney for Personal Care

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If a trustee, after accepting the role of trustee, is unwilling or unable to act or simply wishes to retire from the role the trustee may be removed or replaced. Many times, it is likely that the Deed of Settlement provides for the methods by which a trustee can be removed or replaced. If dealing with a Trust established by a Will, it may be also be provided for in the Will.

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