Business Owner Incorporation

May 30, 2016

In Ontario, the Small Business Deduction allows a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC’s) to pay tax at a lower rate on the first $500,000 of active business income providing great incentive for a business owner incorporation. If the business owner does not incorporate, personal tax rates are graduated and be over 50 per cent depending on income in the Province of Ontario. For example, the top marginal tax rate in Ontario for an individual is now more than 53% once income exceeds $220,000.

We see a significant difference in personal tax rates when compared to more favourable corporate tax rates, allowing our clients to pay a reduced level of tax on business income when it is earned through a corporation. We often find that tax reasons alone provide our client’s with an incentive to incorporate their business.

However, this reduced corporate tax rate is only one of the benefits to incorporating. If one of our clients chooses to flow profits out of the corporation by way of a dividend, we are able to offer them a second layer of protection and shield them from additional income tax that applies. If our client does not require all the income the business is generating to fund personal living expenses, we may advise our client to leave funds in their corporation for further tax deferral.

By leaving profits in the corporation, the business owner may be able to take advantage of a significant tax deferral, paying tax at a reduced rate, and keeping after-tax profits in the incorporated business. Tax is deferred until profits are paid to the client as a dividend, a decision that the client controls.  In short, the ability to leave profits in the corporation provides a great tax incentive for incorporating in addition to many of the great credit proofing and estate planning opportunities that may be available.

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