Corporate Will

November 21, 2018

Corporate Wills, or Multiple Wills have been settled law for some time in Ontario. A recent decision, which lawyers are referring to as the Re Milne Estate decision is causing a stir for wills and estates lawyers. The decision is being appealed. Although it isn’t expected that the appeal will be heard for several months, we are monitoring the situation. Hopefully, the appeal decision brings clarity to how Primary and Secondary Wills need to be be drafted.

If you have private corporation and a Corporate Will, or Primary and Secondary Will, you should speak with a lawyer. Usually, these types of Wills allow a Testator to avoid probate tax on shares held in private corporations upon the death of the shareholder. The Re Milne Estate decision has not invalidated the concept of the Corporate Will. However, it may be problematic depending on the language used in the Primary Will. Essentially, the assets covered by Primary Will need to ensure they have a certain clarity of language.

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