Legal Student Internship

October 18, 2019

Conduct Law has created a legal student internship program for offer to legal students who wish to assist with the production of legal resources and legal materials on range of Corporate Law issues.  Topics to be covered include basic legal structures such as a simple private corporation with one shareholder to more complicated corporate structures, to help a business grow and assist a business owner with his or her personal estate planning needs. More involved corporate structures include family trusts, limited partnerships, holding corporations, partnership agreements, and joint ventures. 

In addition to the foregoing, legal student interns will be asked to assist with research related to a legal podcast sponsored by Conduct Law, specifically The Millionaire’s Lawyer, and subject matter will require research from time to time in a way that ties into the Firm’s Business Law Profile.

To learn more about The Millionaire’s Lawyer, please see or follow one of the links below to find your preferred channel:

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To learn more about the legal student internship or the podcast, feel free to contact JP McAvoy, the host of The Millionaire’s Lawyer and lawyer at Conduct Law at

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